Membership at CCC

    We’re glad you’ve chosen to find out more about being a member at Curwensville Christian Church.  Since we have individuals from many different church backgrounds or no church background at all, we included this material to clearly explain who and what our church is and how one can become a member at our church.

    To become a member at Curwensville Christian Church, individuals need to meet the following prerequisites:

    1. Listen to the Discovering Church Membership series
      Session 1 - Strategy & Vision
      Session 2 - Statements & Structure
      Session 3 - Salvation & Membership
    2. Be familar with the constitution of the church.
    3. You have made a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ, recognizing who He is and what He has accomplished for you through His death on the cross and resurrection.
    4. Be baptized by immersion as an outward expression of the inward reality concerning the salvation you have experience through Jesus Christ alone.