Part 1: Corrupted by Religion
Jesus warns his followers concerning the trap of religious hypocrisy from Luke 12:1-3.  
Part 2: True Motivation
Jesus warns his followers not to be afraid of men but rather they should fear God who cares for them from Luke 12:4-12.  
Part 3: A Deeper Issue
Jesus looks beyond the question of fairness to a deeper issue from Luke 12:13-21.  
Part 4: What About Me?!
Jesus encourages his followers not to be concerned about their needs from Luke 12:22-34.  
Part 5: Are You Ready?
Jesus tells his disciples to live ready for the return of their master from Luke 12:35-40.  
Part 6: Our Responsibility
Jesus warns his disciples that master will return and deal with his servants based on their faithfulness from Luke 12:41-48.  
Part 7: Consider the Cost
Jesus tells his disciples that there is a cost to following him from Luke 12:49-59.  
Part 8: An Old Question
Jesus responds to the issue of others suffering with a call to repentance from Luke 13:1-9.  
Part 9: A Wrong Focus
Jesus addresses the hypocrisy of self-righteous religion from Luke 13:10-17.  
Part 10: Something Bigger
Jesus presents two pictures concerning the nature of the his kingdom from Luke 13:18-21.  
Part 11: Wrong Assumptions
Jesus presents the reality that only a few will enter the Kingdom of Heaven from Luke 13:22-30.  
Part 12: Jesus' Purpose
Jesus points out his determined purpose that you man can deter him from Luke 13:31-35.  
Part 13: The Problem with Perfection
Jesus points out the depravity of pride and the means to deal with it from Luke 14:1-11.  
Part 14: Spiritual Outcasts
Jesus points out the reality that the Master invites the outcasts from Luke 14:12-24.  
Part 15: A Radical Call
Jesus issues three radical demands to those who would follow him from Luke 14:25-35.  
Part 16: A Scandalous God
Jesus shows us the very nature of his ministry in that he does all to seek the lost from Luke 15:1-10.  
Part 17: My Way
Jesus shows us the tragic pattern of wanting our own way in the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-20.  
Part 18: Always Waiting
Jesus shows us heart of the father and the hardness of the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:20-32.  
Part 19: The Choice
Jesus challenges his listeners to make a choice concerning whom they are serving with their lives from Luke 16:1-13.  
Part 20: Bucking the System
Jesus points out that God sees through the manipulation of God's word for our own benefit from Luke 16:14-18.  
Part 21: The Point of No Return
Jesus explains the rude awakening that many will face when they realize that they are in hell from Luke 16:19-31.  
Part 22: Obligations
Jesus explains the obligations that his disciples have toward each other and God from Luke 17:1-10.  
Part 23: Responding with Gratitude
Jesus reacts with astonishment concerning the lack of gratitude among those who have been healed from Luke 17:11-19.  
Part 24: What About the Future?
Jesus addresses the issue of the coming kingdom from Luke 17:20-25.  
Part 25: What Will Happen?
Jesus addresses the mindset that we must have at the coming kingdom from Luke 17:26-37.  
Part 26: Desperate Prayers
Jesus encourages us to not give up so easily when we pray from Luke 18:1-8.  
Part 27: Approaching God
Jesus discusses the issue of approaching God from three perspectives from Luke 18:9-17.  
Part 28: True Discipleship
Jesus interacts with the rich young ruler and shares what it means to be a true disciple from Luke 18:18-30.  
Part 29: Spiritual Eyesight
We can see the same thing from two different perspectives from Luke 18:31-43.  
Part 30: Just a Glimpse
One man wants a glimpse of Jesus and gets so much more from Luke 19:1-10.  
Part 31: The "To-Do" List
Jesus helps his disciples to see that they have responsibilities to fulfill while he is away from Luke 19:11-27.