Part 1: Setting the Stage
Jesus enters into Jerusalem triumphantly as the stage is being set for his rejection and death on the cross from Luke 19:28-40.  
Part 2: Real Emotions
Jesus expressed real emotions concerning Jerusalem over its rejection of him from Luke 19:41-48.  
Part 3: A Question of Authority
Jesus is challenged concerning his authority to teach and do the things that he is doing from Luke 20:1-8.  
Part 4: A Stumbling Block
Jesus challenges his listeners that they will be accountable for what they do with him from Luke 20:9-19.  
Part 5: The Politics of Jesus
Jesus gives a somewhat political statement concerning our obligation to government from Luke 20:20-26.  
Part 6: The Ignorance of the Wise
Jesus shows the wise that they are in fact ignorant when it come to the things of God from Luke 20:27-40.  
Part 7: Becoming Informed
Jesus challenges his listeners to truly consider who he is and to be careful of self-righteous from Luke 20:41-47.  
Part 8: The Leftovers
Jesus has a different view concerning the gifts that are made to God from Luke 21:1-4.  
Part 9: Maintaining Perspective
Jesus challenges his listeners to maintain a proper perspective concerning the the future from Luke 21:5-9.  
Part 10: The Reality of Now
It is easy to be on edge about the things that are happening in our world today. But Jesus tells us it is normal from Luke 21:10-19.  
Part 11: The King is Coming
Jesus tells his listeners that events leading up to his second coming from Luke 21:20-28.  
Part 12: In Tune with the Times
Jesus tells his listeners to be aware of the times so that they will not be caught unprepared from Luke 21:29-38.  
Part 13: Gathering the Pieces
The opposition to Jesus is being solidified as the stage is being set for his betrayal from Luke 22:1-6.  
Part 14: Getting Ready to Die
Jesus institutes a dinner to remember the sacrifice that he would make for us from Luke 22:7-20.  
Part 15: True Greatness
Jesus tells his disciples about true greatness in the kingdom of God from Luke 22:21-30.  
Part 16: Being Honest with Ourselves
Jesus makes Peter face the reality of who he is when he foretells the denial from Luke 22:31-38.  
Part 17: The Calm Before the Storm
Jesus wrestles in prayer as he prepares himself for the storm that is coming from Luke 22:39-46.  
Part 18: Where Darkness Reigns
The darkness of the human heart emerges as Jesus is arrested from Luke 22:47-53.  
Part 19: When the Unbelievable Happens
Good intentions can quickly become a devastating defeat when face with unforeseen circumstances from Luke 22:54-62.  
Part 20: Unbelief Expressed
Jesus understands the unbelief of his oppressors and the reality that it does not change his purpose from Luke 22:63-71.  
Part 21: Passing the Buck
Jesus goes through a system of trials where truth is not important and no one wants to make a decision from Luke 23:1-12.  
Part 22: Total Rejection
Jesus is examined a final time by Pilate and is sentenced to death because of the rejection of the people from Luke 23:13-25.  
Part 23: The Spectators
The road to the cross is not a solo affair for Jesus. Others are drawn in for various reasons from Luke 23:26-31.  
Part 24: Three Men
In spite of the humiliation that Jesus faced as he was executed, he extended grace to those who asked and those who mocked him from Luke 23:32-43.  
Part 25: Dead and Buried
The events of the cross demand a response from those who witness them from Luke 23:44-56.  
Part 26: Not Your Normal Morning
The women go to Jesus' tomb only to discover that it was not a normal morning in Jerusalem from Luke 24:1-12.  
Part 27: An Unusual Road Trip
Two disappointed disciples leave Jerusalem and meet a stranger on the road from Luke 24:13-35.  
Part 28: Coming to an Understanding
Jesus appears to his disciples and gives them an explanation for his death and resurrection from Luke 24:36-53.