Part 1: Who Is Responsible?
While we wrestle with the reality of the Lord’s sovereignty over the affairs of humanity, it is easy to get it wrong about God from Romans 9:19-29.  
Part 2: Is God Fair?
It seems unfair that those who try to pursue God’s acceptance on their own terms must face the reality that it only come through faith in Jesus Christ from Romans 9:30-10:4.  
Part 3: The Nature Of Salvation
There is a major difference between gaining acceptance with God with your works and gaining it through faith in Jesus Christ from Romans 10:5-12.  
Part 4: Getting The Word Out
The message of salvation to all requires that there are people who are willing to share it from Romans 10:13-21.  
Part 5: Wrong Assumptions
It is easy to be guided by wrong assumptions concerning the Lord and your standing with him and miss the reality of his grace from Romans 11:1-10.  
Part 6: God’s Divine Plan
Only God can take the rejection of one group of people and use it for the salvation of the rest of the world from Romans 11:11-24.  
Part 7: Moving To A Point
The Lord in his wisdom and sovereignty uses the rejection and unbelief of his people to bring about the salvation of many more, while promising their ultimate redemption in the end from Romans 11:25-36.