Part 1: The Basis For Acceptance
Faced with the reality of plight that humanity faces, we are provided the opportunity for acceptance with God. The reality is that all human beings do not want God and act accordingly from Romans 3:21-31.  
Part 2: It’s Not About You
Humanity operates with ingrained thinking that our efforts affect our acceptance with God. However, those efforts have no bearing on God’s acceptance of us from Romans 4:1-12.  
Part 3: It’s Not About Rules
In a world where we are used to rules that guide every aspect of our lives, it is hard to grasp that our ability to abide by the rules has no bearing on God’s acceptance of us from Romans 4:13-25.  
Part 4: The Benefits Of Acceptance
God’s acceptance of us means more than just our identification as his children. His acceptance of us results in an immediate change in how that relationship with Christ is expressed from Romans 5:1-5.  
Part 5: Because Of Love
On our own, we had not chance to gain acceptance with God. However, Jesus loved us and died for us from Romans 5:6-11.  
Part 6: The Gift
In order to understand our acceptance with God, we need to understand the free gift that Jesus gave us in order to remove the offense we carry from Romans 5:12-21.