Part 1: The New Life to Live
There is more to the Christian life then just being saved from hell from Romans 6:1-14.  
Part 2: Living as a Servant of God
We have a choice of who we will serve from Romans 6:15-23.  
Part 3: Freedom!
We have been set free to live a new life led by the Spirit from Romans 7:1-6.  
Part 4: The Very Real Power of Sin
There is a very real power that works within the life of every believer from Romans 7:7-12.  
Part 5: The Battle Within
A look at the war that takes place in each and every believer from Romans 7:13-25.  
Part 6: Freed by the Spirit
A look at the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives in spite of the inner struggle from Romans 8:1-11.  
Part 7: Life Led by the Spirit
We have an obligation to live our lives led by the Spirit of God from Romans 8:12-17.  
Part 8: Preparing for the Future
A look at how the Holy Spirit sustains us as we long for the future from Romans 8:18-30.  
Part 9: The New Reality
We need to understand just how much God love us from Romans 8:31-39.