Part 1: God's Timing
Jesus brings his listeners to a point where they have to make decision concerning what he has said and who he truly is from John 7:1-9.  
Part 2: Jesus' Teaching
Jesus taught in such a way that reflected his authority and his relationship with the one who sent him from John 7:10-19.  
Part 3: The Dynamics Of Unbelief
The reactions toward Jesus reveal the perplexity of people concerning the reality of he is from John 7:20-31.  
Part 4: Window Of Opportunity
The fact remains that there is limit to the window of opportunity concerning Jesus’ offer from John 7:32-39.  
Part 5: The Responses To Jesus
Jesus and his teaching causes men and women to have many reactions toward him from John 7:40-52.  
Part 6: The Compassion Of Jesus
There is often a perception that Jesus is rigid in how he deals with people, yet the reality of his heart is completely different from John 7:53-8:11.  
Part 7: The Light Of The World
Jesus identifies himself as the Light of the World who brings people out of darkness. Sadly, there are many who choose to be blind to that light from John 8:12-27.  
Part 8: The Nature Of Belief - Part 1
Jesus explains the nature of belief as he speaks of the cross and what it means to follow him from John 8:28-36.