Part 1: First Introduction
It is easy today to see Christianity as having lost its way. But the solution is simply getting to know who Jesus really is from John 1:1-5.  
Part 2: The Guide
The Lord showed his grace to a world in darkness by sending a guide to point us to the true light from John 1:5-13.  
Part 3: Grace Among Us
It is truly amazing to realize that the Son of God became human so that he could show us the reality of God the Father from John 1:14-18.  
Part 4: Preconceived Ideas
Sometimes the preconceived ideas that we have about God can keep us from truly seeing what he is doing from John 1:19-28.  
Part 5: The Lamb Of God
When Jesus makes his first public appearance, one quickly realizes that he came for redemptive purposes from John 1:29-34.  
Part 6: Impacted By Jesus
When you personally interact with Jesus, you quickly realize who he is and are impacted by the interaction from John 1:35-51.  
Part 7: The First Miracle
Sometimes we can develop a mindset that see Jesus as being too busy to care about our problems from John 2:1-12.  
Part 8: Something Is Wrong
Everything can appear to be okay on the surface, but Jesus has a way of confronting the reality of our acceptable spirituality from John 2:13-25.  
Part 9: Spiritual Rebirth
Jesus challenges our assumptions concerning our standing in the kingdom from John 3:1-8.  
Part 10: The Gift From Heaven
Jesus explains the reason for the new birth and the source and means of eternal life from John 3:9-21.