Part 1: He is Willing
Jesus is willing to personally touch a person life; but he does tell him what to do from Matthew 8:1-4.  
Part 2: Ready to Respond
Jesus is willing to respond to every need that humanity has from Matthew 8:14-17.  
Part 3: Overwhelmed by Chaos
Jesus is not surprised by the chaos that is occurring around him from Matthew 8:23-27.  
Part 4: Power over the Darkness
Jesus has supreme power over spiritual forces of darkness and they submit to him from Matthew 8:28-34.  
Part 5: Power to Forgive
Jesus looks beyond the immediate need to the greater need for forgiveness from Matthew 9:1-8.  
Part 6: Leaving All Behind
Jesus extends a simple call to follow him that has implications for the one who responds from Matthew 9:9-13.  
Part 7: A New Life
Jesus tells us that he offers us something new that is so different from religious ritual from Matthew 9:14-17.  
Part 8: The Impact of Faith
Faith opens the door to allow Jesus's work in one's life from Matthew 9:18-26.  
Part 9: Three Responses
Jesus Christ causes three types of responses from the people around him from Matthew 9:27-34.  
Part 10: The Assessment
Jesus Christ calls believers to recognize the opportunity that is around us from Matthew 9:35-38.