Part 1: Ordinary People
Jesus chose twelve ordinary common men to start a spiritual revolution in this world from Matthew 10:1-4.  
Part 2: The Assignment
Jesus give his disciples instructions for the assignment of proclaiming that the Kingdom of God is at hand from Matthew 10:5-15.  
Part 3: The Real World
Jesus tells his disciples that the world will not accept their message concerning the Kingdom of God from Matthew 10:16-23.  
Part 4: The Issue of Fear
Jesus tells his disciples that not fear serving him because they are important to him from Matthew 10:24-31.  
Part 5: The Bottom Line
Jesus tells his disciples the bottom line concerning being his follower from Matthew 10:32-42.  
Part 6: Offended at God
Jesus states that we must not be offended when he does not do everything we want him to from Matthew 11:1-6.  
Part 7: Greater Service
Jesus states that there is a greater service for him from Matthew 11:7-19.  
Part 8: Getting Serious
Jesus calls his disciples to get serious about him and to come to him for ultimate rest from Matthew 11:20-30.