Part 1: Breaking the Silence
In the midst of the silence, God breaks through from Luke 1:5-25.  
Part 2: The Initiative of God
God uses an insignificant girl to carry the Savior of the world from Luke 1:26-56.  
Part 3: The Promised Fulfilled
God blesses when his servants are obedient in spite of obstacles from Luke 1:57-80.  
Part 4: Just Another Night
God entered into our world on just another night from Luke 2:1-20.  
Part 5: Faith Lived Out
Faith is lived out in the lives of Mary & Joseph, Simeon and Anna as they come in contact with the child, Jesus from Luke 2:21-39.  
Part 6: More Than Just A Coincidence
Jesus' coming is more than just a coincidence from Luke 2:40-52.