Part 1: An Age-Old Tendency
The tendency to cover up our sin has its origins in a garden long ago from Genesis 3:1-19.  
Part 2: Hindered From Doing God's Will
We must recognize that our sin hinders us from doing the will of God from Exodus 4:24-26.  
Part 3: As Strong as the Weakest Link
Sin is not a personal matter. It affects the people of God as a whole from Joshua 7:1-26.  
Part 4: No One Else But You
Sin will wreck havoc in your life even when no one else knows but you from Psalm 32.  
Part 5: Down But Not Out
Our past action will limit our present service from 1 Chronicles 17:1-4; 22:1-16.  
Part 6: Lifting the Carpet
Covering our sin is is futile because there will come a time will everything will be exposed from Romans 2:1-16.