Part 1: Refocus Your Dependence
It is easy to develop the mindset that you must face life alone. But Jesus made some arrangements for us while he was away from John 13:33-35.  
Part 2: The Promise
It is easy to still feel isolated in community because Jesus is not with us. The Lord understood this and gave us a promise from John 14:15-18.  
Part 3: Our Guide
Our preconceived ideas about Jesus often leads us into a crisis. Yet Jesus promised we would have a guide through this troubled world from John 14:22-27.  
Part 4: The Relationship
Feelings of loneliness can emerge when we don’t understand the relationship with have with the Lord. Jesus details the intimacy of the relationship that all believers have with him from John 15:1-8.  
Part 5: Our Witness
Believers often feel isolated in the world as they live their lives for Jesus. But Jesus tells us that we are not alone in our witness from John 15:20-27.  
Part 6: He Had To Go
As believers we struggle with the reality of being alone, but Jesus made it clear that his absence was for our benefit from John 16:1-15.