v CCC: Rekindling Your Desire For The Lord: A Study in Spiritual Renewal

Lesson 1 - It's Not The Same Anymore
A look at the shift that has taken place in churches today and how that has impacted us.
Lesson 2 - What is the Solution?
As we consider the drift away from the Lord, what is the solution for God’s people.
Lesson 3 - Spiritual Complaints
As we consider how we might be a part of the solution, we need to consider the complaints that the Lord might have.
Lesson 4 - Let's Talk
As the Lord lodges his complaint against his people, he tells them what they must do in order to return to him.
Lesson 5 - Seeking God: Exposed
As we approach the Lord, we need to lay aside all pretenses and recognize that he knows everything about us.
Lesson 6 - Seeking God: Confession
Because the Lord knows everything about us, we need to be honest with him about our sin.
Lesson 7 - Seeking God: Prayer
The desire for a renewal in our relationship with the Lord should drive us to prayer.