Message From Church Leadership

    Our church will be reopening September 13th. We are continuely making the necessary preparations for worshiping together again.  While there is sense in the community that everything is getting back to normal, the reality is COVID-19 is still threat. And one of the primary places to spread the disease is church. So, we have to be serious about taking every precaution. 

    Precautions are only effective when everyone tries to keep them. In our highly politicized society, people are tending to think only in term of what they want and their rights. But the basis of church has always been looking out for the needs of others.
    Because over 50% of church is vulnerable to the disease, we are asking you to please respect each other. Everyone has their own opinion of the crisis. While everyone has their rights, the church has to follow health guidelines. It is not an option for the church.

    So here are the guidelines for attending church:

    1.      If you are sick or have a cough, you have to stay at home. If you have a temperature that is above normal, you have to stay at home.

    2.      You cannot shake hands or embrace people.

    3.      You have to maintain the recommended social distance of six feet.

    4.      Please seat yourself in the pews in areas that are not taped off. Please do not remove tape to seat yourself. We need to spread out.

    5.      Out of respect for one another, please wear a mask. You can remove your while seated. If you don’t have a mask we can provide you with one.

    6.      Sunday school wing and Basement are closed.

    7.      Children’s Church and Nursery are not available.

    10.    Nursery will be open for nursing mothers and diaper changes only. No other children are allowed. That will require that we have to sanitize the Sunday School wing again.

    11.    Hand sanitizing stations are available at the both entrances to auditorium and the restrooms. You are encouraged to bring your own as well.

    12.    Offering will not be taken during the service. You can give through the offering boxes located in back of auditorium, through the mail or online through website and church app.

    13.    We encourage you to connect with people outside of the auditorium at the front of the church or in the church parking lot.

    14.    Because there is a concern about singing, we are recommending that you wear your mask during the singing.
    We are looking forward to seeing the church family worhip together. But we recognize that not everyone will feel comfortable attending. Let me say this to you as an encouragement, “It’s Okay, if you want to stay home. We understand.” 
    Please be assured that we will continue to live-stream the service and mail DVDs to everyone who needs them.