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Episode #33 What If I Don't Feel Saved?
Episode #34 Why Did God Forsake Jesus on the Cross?
Episode #35 Does God Hear an Unbeliever's Prayer?
Episode #36 What Will Heaven be Like?
Episode #37 Do I Need to Know the Date of My Salvation?
Episode #38 A Follow Up Concerning Unbelievers' Prayers
Episode #39 How Can I Avoid Becoming Legalistic?
Episode #40 How Can I Trust God's Will When I Am In Pain?
Episode #41 Can Satan Use The Bible Against a Christian?
Episode #42 Why is Giving Thanks to God so Important?
Episode #43 What if I Don't Feel Saved?
Episode #44 What is Biblical Separation?
Episode #45 Is It Possible To Not Sin as a Christian?
Episode #46 Do I Need to Obey the Old Testament Law?
Episode #47 What Does the Bible Say About Forgiving Yourself?
Episode #48 Do I Need to Go to Church to Worship God?
Episode #49 What is the Armor of God?
Episode #50 What is Spiritual Warfare?
Episode #51 Has God's Word Changed With So Many Translations?
Special Getting a Grasp on the English Bible - Part 1
Special Getting a Grasp on the English Bible - Part 2
Episode #52 Why Did Someone Have To Die For Our Sins?
Episode #53 Is It Important to Spend Time Alone with God?
Episode #54 What Does It Mean to Guard Your Heart?
Episode #55 Should I Be Rebaptized?
Episode #56 What is a Carnal Christian?
Episode #57 Does God Punish Believers?
Episode #58 Where Do I Start Reading in My Bible?
Episode #59 Should I Be Concerned about False Teachers?
Episode #60 Did God Create Sin ?
Episode #61 Do I Have Freedom to Sin?
Episode #62 Do I Need to Dress Up For Church?
Episode #63 How Do I Move Beyond My Sin?